October 12, 2022

"Excellent place"
September 21, 2022

"I spoke with William and brought in some jewelry and even broken pieces for scrap. I went several other places in town and checked with online spots as well. He had the best offer of them all and is fair and honest, as well as makes the process easy and quick. I would recommend him and his shop to anyone looking for this service here in New Braunfels."
August 30, 2022

Outstanding Service

"I came in with a broken band on my citizen watch. While I was waiting to be seen eyewitnessed excellent customer service and complete respect for everybody in the store. When they got to me I received excellent customer service and all with a smile. Gisela helped me out very quickly and was able to repair my watch on the spot. The fix was so simple they didn't even charge me for it. I now know where I will be going to get all of my jewelry and watch care taken care of. "
August 30, 2022

"I had a Tissot watch repaired by them and they did a superb job! The hands had fallen off as I was trying to replace the battery myself and was too rough with it. It is a special edition Tissot and I thought it would cost a lot to repair. These guys fixed it and for a reasonable price. Its the only place I take my watches for repair or battery replacement. Awesome service!"
July 26, 2022

"Just bought a Seiko Presage and one on order for my husband. Customer service was great. They took their time and answered my questions. Showed me many options. Very excited and good price."
July 2, 2022

"San Anthony Jewelry is the best jewelry shopping experience I have had. The delightful staff and exceptional selection of jewelry in this store make shopping here a truly sublime experience. Abby and Marcos are fantastic, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. They were professional and respectful, and went out of their way to show my partner and I anything we wanted to see. Their amazing selection of watches is delightful. Marcos creates a lot of beautiful handmade jewelry. I got a gorgeous handmade pyrite/agate bracelet with a rainbow cord as a gift for my partner, she loves it! Their customer service is excellent. Their selection is gorgeous. Their atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming. Abby and Marcos are wonderful people with a passion for beautiful jewelry. We will be back for sure!!!"
June 20, 2022

"I have been going to San Anthony Jewelry for many years throughout which William and his staff have helped me purchase rings, earrings, and watches. Everyone at San Anthony Jewelry is so helpful and knowledgeable. They go out of their way to customize the jewelry to what I really like. If I need the jewelry item adjusted or changed, William is so understanding and he helps me decide on the changes that are needed to make me happy. I have shopped around at various local jewelry stores in New Braunfels and San Antonio, but I always return to San Anthony Jewelry because of their outstanding customer support. They are the BEST!"
June 5, 2022

"It took a while to get our custom wedding/ engagement rings right, but it was well worth the wait! William gave care and attention to being our vision just right at an extremely fair price."
May 23, 2022

Jewelers with Big Hearts!

"Short story...William and Abby are the best!! Buy your jewelry from them and you will not regret!! They are locally owned right here in New Braunfels, Texas! William, Abby, and the staff are compassionate, understanding, and really show an interest in you and your needs! Also, the price is right! Don’t fool with other local jewelers...just go to San Anthony Jewelry!!"
May 23, 2022

Long Story

" I was about to "pull the trigger" and buy diamond earrings for my wife due to our 30th wedding anniversary…I actually had them “on hold” at another local (New Braunfels) jeweler!! I was pretty excited, then I spoke with my neighbor, told her what I was about to do she advised me to first check out San Anthony Jewelers that she has been a customer for about 15 years…they have the best customer service and can most likely save me money!! On my way to the other jeweler (to purchase their earrings) I stopped by San Anthony and spoke with William about earrings. I was honest and upfront with him and showed him the price from the other jeweler. Immediately he said he could beat that price with the same quality! He got my attention! I told him I was looking for ¾ total carat weight diamond earrings. I’m not up on “Diamond-ology” he explained to me all about diamonds but what was really impressive was his compassion about my needs and why I was buying the earrings for my wife. When he said, “the diamond size should not be as important, what’s important is it is coming from your heart”. He honestly cared about me! I was sold! I purchased the earrings right there on the spot! I have not regretted it! We had to make a few changes, which were also easy and included in the price. When I picked them up I was once again concerned about the diamond size so I spoke with Abby to get her opinion. Abby is so “real & genuine”! First off she thought they were the perfect size and beautiful…”a women’s opinion”. She said if I did get bigger it should be over a carat, now that’s an honest opinion! She then said, “The diamond size should not be as important because it is coming from your heart and your wife will know that”! Abby also said, “Your wife will love these”! Oh my gosh, she is so caring and understanding…If you are still reading this by now you should know William, Abby, and the whole staff are not just your local jewelers, they become a part of your jeweler family!"
San Anthony Jewelry & Formal