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The earliest record of rings being used to symbolize love comes from Ancient Egypt. Egyptians fashioned wedding bands out of flowers and plants and felt strongly about how the never-ending circle symbolized eternal love. The Egyptians were also responsible for selecting the traditional wedding band ring finger. They believed that a vein in the fourth finger of the left hand led straight to the heart. Romans were slightly less romantic about wedding bands, and may have been the first to use them to claim ownership of the women they desired. Ancient Greeks, on the other hand, gave engagement rings to friends and loved ones to show that they cared.

Wedding bands in Europe and America. The first rings used by Europeans to show affection were promise rings. Similar to wedding bands and engagement rings, Europeans started promising love with these baubles in the 17th and 18th Centuries. American tokens of love had a slightly more secretive beginning. In Colonial America, jewelry was often seen as immoral and arrogant. Items such as thimbles were sometimes given as engagement tokens and then fashioned into rings after the couple was married.


In the last 100 years or so, Americans have become quite attached to wedding band and engagement ring traditions. Customary modern wedding bands and engagement rings are made of gold, white gold or platinum and proudly sport sparkling diamonds. In recent decades, however, wedding bands have become more personal and unique. Many couples have begun to have their wedding bands made of titanium, tungsten or sterling silver and select adornments such as rubies, pearls and colored diamonds.

A lot goes into planning your big day. Memories, pictures and the the rings that represent your lifelong promise are the few things you will take away from your wedding day. Choose a jeweler who will customize the look and style to your specifications.  At San Anthony Jewelry we will deliver gorgeous wedding ring sets and engagement rings with top quality jewels and settings.

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Engagement Rings

Are you thinking about proposing to that special someone?  Choose a jeweler that will show your sweetheart how much you really care.  At San Anthony Jewelry we create customized engagement rings, with our pristine diamonds and fabulous settings, you can customize your ring to the style and personality of your sweetheart. When you’re shopping for engagement rings in New Braunfels, TX, choose a jeweler who will deliver the very best in quality and luxury.

Wedding Ring Sets

Choose from our stunning styles of platinum, white and black gold. Our jewelers are highly skilled in customizing complementing his and her wedding rings. You can create a set that reflects your own personal style and originality that makes your union so unique.

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